In Defense of The Garlic Press-(one of them at least)

The Garlic press is a much maligned apparatus. Many chefs are on record referring to them as abominations and worse, and we get it: single use kitchen tools can be a pain to use/clean and most should be replaced with proper technique and the knife and cutting board you're already using.

The garlic press is different, and here's why:

The characteristic flavor and aroma of garlic is the result of Allicin, an extremely volatile organosulfur compound.

And here's the thing: there is no Allicin in a clove of garlic.

This is because Allicin only forms when Alliin and Alliinase (two things that garlic stores in separate containers) get mixed together.

Sure, slicing or mincing garlic will result in some of those containers being ruptured, allowing some Allicin to form. But guess what results in the MOST Allicin formation?


This is where the garlic press excels. Not only does a garlic press burst the containers (vacuoles) that keep our important ingredients separate-the action of pressing through holes in a pressure plate forcibly mixes the Alliin and Alliinase resulting in maximum Allicin formation.

That's right, a garlic press yields more garlic flavor and aroma.

If you don't want that, by all means: slice or dice. Or for super mellow flavor, roast whole!

But when you want maximum garlic, use a press.

But, don't use just any press. Chefs are right that most presses are cumbersome at best. Uncomfortable to press, and a nightmare to clean. Digging garlic residue out of that tiny cup with your fingernails is not an activity anyone wishes to repeat.

So, what should you use?

The MÄNNKITCHEN compound lever assisted garlic press reduces the effort required to press garlic by half, has extra comfy wide handles, and a cup-less design that swings open for easy cleaning.

Yes, I'm biased.

So, listen to what others say:

Or, read the customer reviews on amazon.

Press on!


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Cleve? just saw the ytube pepper mill advertisement. Hilarious!!!! Thanks for that – perhaps the best kitchen products I can’t afford, yet one of the most splendid ads ever.

jake wood

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